Thursday, January 8, 2015

love poems for him

love poems for him

love poems for him
love poems for him
short love poems for him
ready to settle

leave me in the eddies
the idle tidal pools
i need your steady loving

ready settel
not to settele for
to settle downd, with, into

steady loving with you

love poem for him
Love Poems for Him

we sometimes get so budy
that we may not make a fuss
about the ones we care for
and who mean so much to us...

but . . .
you can be sure you're thought about
and loved a whole lot too
because there could never be
anyone more dear than you.

love poems for boyfriend
love poems for boyfriend
Short love poems for him

Do you long for me

do you long for me tenderly
do yo long for me embrace

do you long for me tenderly
do you long touch softly
your pals to my face

love poems to him

poem for him


you are like a sun the tropics
peering through blinds

draw for siesta.
already you teach me

the spanish for sunflower.
you, alone on the clean sheet.

you like the split moon
you like star

hidden by sun-googles.
you shall have a thousand lovers.

you spread here like butter,
like doubloons, like flower.
love poems for him